P&G Retirees

What Wealth Dimensions Does for Procter and Gamble Retirees

With more than twenty years of experience working with P&G retirees, we understand the loyalty, dedication, and emotional ties that P&G employees have to the company after many years of service.

As part of the Wealth Dimensions planning process, we work closely with our clients to educate them regarding the tax and investment implications of the various distribution options available.

Many P&G employees have accumulated a significant net worth in their profit sharing trust, much of which is held in Procter and Gamble common and preferred stock with a low cost basis.

We provide specialized advice to take advantage of trustees cost share distributions (net unrealized appreciation) and implement specific investment strategies to manage the risk for those who choose to maintain P&G stock as a core holding.

Wealth Dimensions Group understands the significance these decisions have on your family and have the expertise to design comprehensive plan to help you achieve what matters most.

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