Financial literacy for your financial well-being

Understanding how to manage your financial resources is an essential life skill that is more important in today’s economy than ever before. The abundance of choices and the extension of credit have made your financial decisions much more complex than past generations have had to face. It’s easier to accumulate debt, and many people must deal with the impact of poor financial choices for many years to come. Today’s economic environment requires consumers to be far more financially literate to ensure they can make the right financial choices to create a secure future. Unfortunately, most Americans lack the financial savvy they need to make educated decisions in this complex consumer economy.

What is financial literacy?

Financial literacy is the ability to understand financial, credit and debt management concepts to effectively manage your financial resources for the long term and ensure that you make financially responsible decisions within your daily life. It helps you build your financial roadmap for making decisions aligned with your goals.

Becoming financially literate begins with learning a few key principles that provide a strong foundation for building a financially stable future for you and your family. Here are the essentials to get you started:

With a new economic reality, understanding how to make sound financial decisions is a critical skill. As we live longer, have more financial options and try to manage in an increasingly complex world, you must become informed about your finances, develop good financial habits and understand where you are heading to ensure you stay on the path toward achieving your short and long term goals.

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