Ways to engage your children in giving

Engage children in givingEngaging your children in giving through conversations and activities can unite your family towards a common goal. It can also provide a way to instill your family values about money, work, and giving back to your community.

Over the years, Wealth Dimensions has worked with clients to engage their young children, as well as teenagers, in giving. Others have asked us to recommend books about family philanthropy or for suggestions for giving activities based on what the associates at our firm practice with their children.

Dan Vogelpohl, a principal and financial advisor at Wealth Dimensions and his wife Isla are committed to family giving. They have three children, ages 10, seven, and four. As Dan tells us “I began reading “Raising Financially Fit Kids” by Joline Godfrey to them when my oldest was seven years old.”

“This book and the activities we have undertaken as a result of reading this book has helped my children develop an appreciation for money and the responsibilities of having it.”

So what are the ways to engage your children in giving? Here are a few ideas to consider:

You can’t put a price on the values giving activities teach children. As Dan reminds us, not only do these activities help them develop a sense of confidence and responsibility as they mature, but leads to your children having a warm and giving heart.”


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