Quarterly commentary: December 2018

In the final quarter of 2018, the economy and the markets downshifted, as several economic cracks surfaced in areas like housing and auto loans, while concerns over Fed tightening and... Read More

Quarterly commentary: October 2018

U.S. economic growth and stock market performance for the third quarter of 2018 was more or less a continuation of the previous quarter. Strong corporate earnings helped U.S. stocks move... Read More

Quarterly commentary: July 2018

In the second quarter, we expected the economy to continue to move forward, albeit with some headwinds from the Fed’s effort to normalize rates and the general political climate. While this... Read More
Family philanthropy and giving

Ways to engage your children in giving

Engaging your children in giving through conversations and activities can unite your family towards a common goal. It can also provide a way to instill your family values about money,... Read More

Quarterly commentary: April 2018

Last year, the markets made a steady climb and volatility was at historic lows. Yet, so far in 2018, markets have reversed course as market momentum, and the euphoria from... Read More

Quarterly commentary: January 2018

The fourth quarter of 2017 capped off what turned out to be a strong year for the economy and the markets both here and abroad. Despite hazards from a tumultuous... Read More