Wealth management for corporate executives

If you are like many of our corporate executive clients, the majority of your wealth is likely tied to a complex compensation plan. We understand the importance of maximizing the value of these plans while minimizing taxes and overall risk.

As a Wealth Dimensions client, you can expect to work with a team of experts committed to delivering a highly personalized and collaborative relationship where we support you in several ways:

  • Focus on ways to help you build wealth. We do this by providing ongoing and comprehensive financial planning combined with a disciplined approach to investment management.
  • Help you maximize value of executive compensation plans. Whether your compensation plan includes restricted stock, options, deferred compensation, or retirement plans, we have the expertise and experience to help you make informed decisions to maximize its value while minimizing taxes and managing overall risk.
  • Provide you with a personalized path and set of solutions for your family over the long term. We work with corporate executives through all phases of their career.

If you’re a rising star and in the early phases of your career, we can also help you build wealth through intentional financial planning and strategies for cash flow optimization and wealth accumulation.

If you’re several years away from retirement, we provide comprehensive pre-retirement planning to help you

  • Determine the most optimal time to retire
  • Ensure your investment will support your long-term desired lifestyle
  • Maximize the value of your benefits package

For those who are embarking on retirement or already retired, we can help you create a lasting legacy through sophisticated trust, estate, and charitable planning to provide for the people and causes most important to you.

We welcome an opportunity to begin a confidential discussion about your situation.