A hands-on approach, along with investment management and reporting, for nonprofits

In addition to serving individuals and families, Wealth Dimensions offers an investment and reporting platform for foundations, endowments, and nonprofit organizations.  Our nonprofit clients often have small investment committees and limited staff, and rely on our firm’s ability to understand the complexities of their organization as well as the purpose of their assets.

Just as with our wealth management clients, we apply the same commitment, fiduciary care, and expertise when working with nonprofits. As a nonprofit client of our firm, you can expect our team of experts to

  • Conduct a thoughtful discovery to understand the needs and objectives of your organization, including how you plan to fund your mission
  • Understand the intricacies of your operating and capital budgets so that we can advise you on spending policies you may have in place
  • Identify strategies for meeting liquidity needs
  • Design or update your investment policy statement so that it reflects a risk return profile tailored to your organization’s goals
  • Construct a diversified, low-cost portfolio that supports the fulfillment of your mission
  • Monitor and report on portfolio performance
  • Actively participate in investment committee and board meetings to ensure all stakeholders feel confident about decisions made

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how Wealth Dimensions can help your organization achieve its mission.